We can supply all major brands of motorcycle tyre.  

 Tyres: arguably the most important component of your motorcycle. The interface between you and the road, if they're not in optimum condition then you're not only risking your safety but potentially 3 points on your licence and a 60 quid fine. The capability of modern motorcycle tyres is extraordinary, with tyre technology having made enormous strides over the last few years. The stock tyres available to road riders now offer levels of grip and control that even GP racers of the 80s and 90s could only have dreamt about.However, the effectiveness of motorcycle tyres will diminish with wear and also deteriorate over time. A set of tyres that are over three years old should probably be replaced irrespective of visible tread wear. Because tyres can go off gradually, it's easy to overlook the effect on your bike. But it is noticeable how new tyres can transform the handling of a motorcycle. So if your bike has lost some of its feel or developed other handling issues then ask us to check the condition of your current tyres - a new set of tyres may be all thats needed.

   Before selecting replacement tyres for your bike consider the type of riding you do and what you want from your tyres - we can advise you on this and recommend suitable alternatives to OE fitment tyres for all types of motorcycles. High performance sports tyres will wear out more quickly; that's the trade-off you make for the extra levels of grip they provide. An alternative that's well worth considering are the latest-generation sports touring tyres, now providing extended mileage capability combined with multi-compound formulations, affording levels of grip and control approaching that of dedicated sports tyres - contact us to find out more. 

And remember to ride cautiously on a brand new set of tyres, allowing 50 miles or so to scrub in the surface of the new rubber before making any serious demands upon them.



- Avon VP2, Storm Ultra 2, Storm ST, Venom, Azaro and Roadrunner. 

Manufactured in the UK, the newest Avon tyres have been highly praised by the motorcycling press. We're now supplying the new multi-compound VP2, featuring the very latest tyre technology, which supersedes the Viper. Avon tyres come with a FREE REPLACEMENT warranty if your recently-purchased Viper, VP2 or Azaro tyres are punctured or accidentally damaged during normal road use.

Click logo to view the Avon website.

- Bridgestone Battlax BT016, BT021 motorcycle road tyres.
  Outstanding performance from this renowned manufacturer.
  Click logo to view the Bridgestone website.
- Dunlop Qualifier RR, Qualifier II, Sportmax Roadsmart, plus Arrowmax and Trailmax tyres
  Dunlop's new Sportmax Roadsmart has been hailed by the bike press as one of the best all-round tyres on the market.
  Click logo to view the Dunlop motorcycle tyre website.
- Metzeler Racetec K3, Sportec M1, Sportec M3, Roadtec Z6, ME Z4.
  Click logo to view the Metzeler website.
- Michelin Pilot Road & Road 2, Pilot Power 2CT, motorcycle tyres.
  Click the logo to view the Michelin website.
- irelli Diablo Super Corsa BSB, Diablo Corsa III, Diablo Rosso, Angel ST.
  We can offer the full range of these high performance tyres, including dual-compound Diablo Corsa III.
  Click the logo to view the Pirelli website.


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